Take care of Vietnam virgin hair with Olive Oil

Using a lot of chemistry put on hair lead Vietnam virgin hair to be damaged. You can read below article to care hair at home with Olive Oil:



A woman is taking care of Vietnam virgin hair .

The Benefits of Olive Oil 

Any time of the year, frizzy and dry hair occurs. It is caused by a lack of moisture in winter and the sunshine in summer. When hair cries out for help, a lot of people go to the store or the salon for the latest and greatest deep-moisturizing product.

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Olive oil has antioxidants, which remove damaging free radicals from the scalp and the hair’s surface. Free radicals advance premature aging process and damage natural Vietnam hair, so we should protect our hair with antioxidants that help reduce hair loss. Olive oil is also a softening. It goes through the hair shaft better than other kinds of oils. This appearance creates healthy and shiny hair with improved elasticity.

Wet-Hair Treatment 

Damp your hair and rinse it clearly with shampoo. Wash your hair carefully then use a suitable amount of conditioner and use fingers to massage. Clean out the conditioner with fresh water. Attention! Cover your shoulders with a towel to avoid being wet and pour one to two tablespoons of olive oil into hand. Doing the oil through hair ensure to cover every strand carefully.


Olive oil – simple way to gain Vietnam virgin hair.

Dry-Hair Treatment

You have a dry hair or your hair has become a raw hair Vietnam. You don’t worry about it. Begin by combing out your hair lightly and covering your clothing by a towel around shoulders. Put an amount of olive oil into your hand and begin applying it to the tail of hair. Massage hair strands lightly. Work the oil on each small section at a second then apply to all of hair, remember to stop the oil application one inch from the scalp. The dryer should put medium heat and keep it 8 inches away from hair. Apply the heat from 2 to 3 minutes to help the oil be penetrated. 

Treatment Time Depends on Harm Type

Keep the oil on hair about 45 minutes is enough time for hair with minor dryness. If your hair is extensive damage, like from coloring or chemical treatments, keep the oil about 2 hours. Beside, you can also keep it overnight by covering with a towel or shower cap. Rinse out hair with shampoo to rob the oil and wash it dry.

Hope that some knowledge will help you gain Vietnam human hair quickly!


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