What is the best option for wavy hair clients?

Now we look at the nature of straight, wavy hair and cambodian curly hair extensions to help know which are best for your customers to purchase or covering some of the known conditions with wavy hair or curly hair extensions as well.


Curly hair extensions are a good choice

Why are curly hair extensions suitable for those with naturally wavy or kinked hair?

Luckily, despite these concerns straight hair extensions are suitable for the majority of hair types, as natural hair or hair extensions would also dry with a natural wave or kinked hair. Although seldom listed in that idea as it will be involved, the majority of straight hair extensions are in fact natural wave hair, which means if left to air dry they would have a beautiful natural hair.


Curly hair extensions

This’s excellent news, as there’re a number of benefits compared with remy human hair extensions that dry in that idea.

1. As detailed above really few of us have natural hair that would dry dead straight, and therefore having hair extensions that dry in a similar style makes “straight” hair extensions suitable for the vast majority of customers.

2. Your hair extensions that dry in that way offer combined versatility when styling, as they typically have the capacity to hold a curl beautiful of their naturally kinked hair shape.

3. Beautiful the natural shape, this kind of hair extension is able to offer more body when styling and then it will become easier to create voluminous styles.

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