Being a gentle girl with our unique hairstyles: bubble updo

Bubble updo hairstyles will be very suitable for you in cases you want to make some differences. It is perfect for short hair or medium hair, and even for long hair. I like that it gets the natural hair up and off the neck for a hot summer day.

Try it and you will really like it – vietnam hair

Items needed: Brush, bobby pins, spray bottle, rat-tail comb, hairspray, small hair elastics.

Time requirement: from 3 to 5 minutes
Skill level: easy

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Whether you have dirty natural hair or clean natural hair, you should try spraying dry shampoo at your roots to give texture and grip to this hairstyle.
2. You may take a small section on top and then secure with a small elastic, then pull a little at this from to get a little height.
3. Picking up the second section of natural hair about 2 or 3 inches down from the first section and then add to the first section of natural hair.  Secure with small elastic.
It is not too bad for you to go out in the summer, isn’t it?
4. Puffing out the bubble section.
5. After that, you ought to repeat by picking up a new section of natural hair a couple of inches down from the 2nd section.  Add new natural hair to existing natural hair and secure with small elastic.
6. Puffing out the bubble.
7. Next, you should go back and pull a little on the natural hair around your face to create a little volume.  I love a softer look.
8. Picking up all remaining natural hair and create a messy bun.

9. Finally, spray with hairspray.

That is easy and you will have your own hairstyle in the summer. Try doing it and you will really like this hairstyle.

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