Whether relaxed hair curly is suitable for you or not?

Do you like relaxed hair and you want to style with this kind of natural hair? Three steps below will help you.

Relaxed hair curly style
This is a simple style to create with your natural hair and the best thing about it is, it doesn’t take up much time and require any heat. This style is best created on damp hair. Therefore, the first step is washing, conditioning and detangling your natural hair, then to seal with your favorite natural oil. If the natural hair is too wet, you should air dry until it is about half dry.

The next step is parting your natural hair in two parts and then plaiting it, four on each side of your head. This may give you big bold waves when loosening the plaits. After that, you should finger comb through the plaits so that any partings could be hidden and voila you will have sexy beach waves. Work particularly well on natural hair that is some weeks post relaxer. To refresh hair style use a lightly spray and spray bottle on natural hair at night and then reform your plaits, it would look well new in the morning.

She looks so beautiful with relaxed hair curly
The third way for you to get corkscrew curls is through a two plait twist. Of course, it is workable on both relaxed and natural hair and you would look gorgeous with both of them, the general steps are followed, the natural hair has to be dampened and sealed to be set in the curly shape. You should do 2 finger twists throughout the natural hair, the finer the twists the finer the curls. Finally, just finger comb after the twists is dried.

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The following are some details about our products:

  • 100% pure human hair. No chemical, no dyed. 
  • Soft, brilliant and straight 
  • Unprocessed, without nits , no lice or harmful insect 
  • Lengths of hair: from 10 inch to 42 inch 
  • 2 Colors for option : Black and Dark brown 

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