Human Hair Extensions – Hair Trend Spring 2016

Do you know the hot hair trends in spring 2016? The article we would like to share many hot human hair extensions trends this spring.

1. Bright Lighter Blonde and Long

Blonde is always popular. Summer and spring usually inspire us to lighten up in every way including our hair. Light bright blonde is trend, usually paired with a long trendy hair. Gained the blonde, do not have the volume or length? Add in one clip in set and you are good to go.
Human hair extensions with spring in the air

2. Natural, Girl Next Door Hair

Glamorous nights will always need big long sexy lock…but for the each day look the natural look is in for spring 2016. Not more 300gr clip-in hair extensions that are 24 inches … It is over and a bit ridiculous aka ratchet. Hair extensions have too much volume, weight, or length is out for the summer. Girl next door look is in.  Time to lighten your lock up with the spring air. That is not to say that hair extensions are out, they will never be. Maybe you will no longer need the 24/26 inch hair that is 200grs or 300grs that is just out.  Natural 18 or 20 inches hair with an amount of hair extensions that matches your own hair density will do.

 3. Pastel Ombre

Light pastel ombre is becoming a hot trend for spring 2016 in salons. Pastel ombre is suitable for any hair color as long as it mixes properly. You have to have short lock and add in pastel ombre hair extensions or you have to color the ends of your hair bleach blonde then color to the desired look. What people like about this trend is that they may gain it without needing to color their own lock using hair extensions. This look was got by adding 50/light pink ombre hair extensions by Glam Seamless. The hairstylist didn’t color the clients hair pink, she just easily added extensions to gain a chemical free pastel ombre. Pastel ombre is the best way to looking for a subtle change.
Human hair extensions – trends of youngsters

4. Pops of Pastel Colors

 Women are opting for adding pops of colour for added drama and a factor of surprise. The full all over color game is mostly out while women are choosing natural root with added colour. The wonderful news about hair extensions is that it is super simple to add color to your own hair immediately without coloring your own hair. Easily add some kinds of pastel tape extensions to your own lock and you have yourself a rainbow pastel renew. Women of all ages are suitable for this trend, even you are adding 1 color or 4 these are perfect choices for added glam. To get this look by adding 2 or 4 pastel colors to your own hair.
Spring 2016 is about subtle gorgeous hair, transformations, and lighter airy looks. What look will you choose for your spring Glamover?

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