Do you know the concept Remy Hair?

Remy hair is one of methods that help you look nice with your appearance. It is also very popular in our daily life. Let me show you something about it.

Remy hair has been a term which is used industry-wide with a lot of different definitions attached to it. After speaking with a plenty of clients over the years, I think that I have heard them all. The description which comes up the most is virgin hair which is totally unprocessed hair with the cuticle intact. It means that the hair is neither permed nor colored.


Remy hair is one of methods that help you look nice – remy hair extensions wholesale
One of the other things is that Remy hair is synonymous with European hair. People even think it is the best hair that money could buy. Unfortunately, this too is untrue. The terms European hair and Remy hair are absolutely separate.

The real definition of Remy hair refers to how the hair is handled and then stored. In other words, it is hair that is kept root-to-tip. It is hair that is bundled so that the cuticle lays in the same direction since when it is cut from the donor. However, by the time it gets attached to your hairpiece, it’s in one way or another, processed hair. It is colored, permed, and the cuticle is removed. All of which are processes that the natural hair goes through to give every hair wearer the texture, color, and wave or curl that they like.


Being gorgeous is not difficult
What does this mean to you like the hair wearer? In honesty, that is not too much. Any honest hair replacement pro would tell you that it is always best to choose the hair type based on the end goal of clients based on stuff like wave or curl, color, density and so on. Now I am sure that I have opened a new can of worms with questions regarding Remy hair. However, the only term you should remember is root-to-tip.

So fire away in the comments below. What have you been told about Remy hair? Is there anything you are still unsure about? Let me know.

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