What to do with over processed human hair

Caring for over processed human hair is necessary, especially in case you want it to be back into shape and look nice again. Here are some tips for you to achieve that.

1. Stop what you are doing with your hair

When you are first taking care of over processed human hair, you need to ditch some of your habits related to hair. If you spend much time bleaching or coloring your hair, you should give it up right now; or you will again damage your hair which is already over processed. Try to stay away from blow dryer and flat iron. If you need to use hair tools, remember to use dryer’s cool settings as well as keep the straightening in minimum setting.



Coloring or other styling way should be avoided in over processed human hair

2. Ditch the sulfates

Be sure that the hair care products you use do not contain sulfates. Your shampoo absolutely shouldn’t, but you should also check your styling products and conditioner. Sulfates can dry out hair, so if you still use sulfate-based products, it can cause harm to your hair and make its condition worse.

3. Condition x3

This is the key solution for over processed hair treatment. You should condition when taking a bath or shower with rinse-out conditioner. In addition, every week, using leave-in conditioner several times and applying deep conditioning treatments for hair is necessary. These things seem to be complicated, but you can observe their effect soon.

4. Supplement protein

Damaged, dry and over processed human hair needs protein supplementation. Every week, make sure that you add protein treatment to your hair care plan. You can easily find this treatment in drugstore or beauty department. When you use it, you should ensure its full coverage on hair and keep it for about 15 minutes. This way can also help to strengthen your hair and make it healthier.



Protein treatment is essential to recover over processed human hair

Hope that you can apply these steps successfully at home!

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