Tips for beautiful hair extension clips

Whether real or synthetic, all hair extension clips should be properly cared for to extend their life. So let’s start your hair care with these following tips.

Notes for girls to take care of their hair extension clips

First, make sure you use a gentle conditioner and shampoo and do not skimp on their quality. Do not ruin your hair extension clips by saving some money on the cheap stuff. If you start to have your extensions falling out before their expected “expiration date”, look at the shampoo you use and ask your stylist. It may be fixed simply by using other non-conditioning shampoo brand. If your hair extension is sewn in, it is not necessary for you to concern about the type of reaction that can occur. After showering, freely dry the hair extension clips similarly to the way you do with your natural hair.
Gentle conditioner and shampoo are good for hair extension clips – vietnamese hair
If you want to color your hair extension clips, plan ahead. You should color your natural hair with the desired color prior to apply to your extensions. Your hair stylist will color match the extensions, whether real or synthetic, to the new color to help your purchased hair become nicer. Highlights can also be added with different colored extensions, which are added randomly since highlights applied to your hair through a cap. In case your hair roots need to have a touchup before changing your extensions, you should play it safe as well as leave the coloring work to your stylist.
Highlights can also make your hair extensions clips more beautiful – vietnam virgin hair
Since it comes to hair styling, it mostly depends on the lengthener type you have. In case your hair is real, most of the styling tools can be used in same fashion. Nonetheless, with some types of hair extension clips, more care is needed. Besides, with everything else, discuss with your stylist. He or she can tell you all styling rules which are specific to each type of extension. In addition, you can style your hair in braids, buns, ponytails and barrettes as normally you would have.

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