3 simple hair styles Southeast Asian girl must know

If you have long hair and you are looking for edgy, rocker chic, classic updos or soft, you could get them easily. Keep reading on our article about long hairstyle for Southeast Asian 2017 to get inspired from.

1. Pigtails or Large Side Braids

These surprising fishtail braids are brought up to date versions of our babyhood side braids. You still will have fun with your girly Large Side Braids. Every unaccompanied, element adds an unbelievable look to the style. You might choose to keep messy or the top loose; however, consider leaving some lovely strands on you head for a flirty vibe.
These surprising fishtail braids are brought up to date versions of our babyhood side braids for Southeast Asian hair – vietnamese hair

2. Multiple Boho Motivated Braids

You cannot go wrong with these lovely boho motivated braids.  Show off the unbelievable length of your pretty braids without worring of long hair in your face. This hairstyle will totally bring out the softness of your 2-toned hair color. The key of achieving outstanding boho motivated braids is hidden behind thick and long hair. Anyway you must be a little skillful too to copy this look.

3. Loose Ballerina Bun

Classical ballerina bun is a infinite trend but when it is worn tight, it becomes a lot more flexible. For example loose buns can be sported in a messy style. You could get this style anytime you want and anywhere you want. Ballerina bun is a salvation mainly in very hot weather when you do not know how to do with your long strands.
Your Southeast Asian hair becomes a lot more flexible with Loose Ballerina Bun – hair in vietnam
They are simple tips, aren’t they? The way of designing your long Southeast Asian hair will be much more fun if you can apply these incredible tips. Hope that you will enjoy with our tips.

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