5 Southeast Asian hairstyles to apply at the gym

Nowadays, working out at the gym is very popular, but some girls still worry about your hair, they don’t know how to do their hair to get comfortable at gym.

If you are in a rush to dash to the gym, this will be the perfect hairstyle to do because it is just very easy to do.
Tie your hair like it is a normal ponytail, but do not loop out the ends totally. Thread random hair pieces in and out of the hair tie for this messy look. It is not meant to look completely perfect so you do not have to worry about it looking unkempt and sloppy. It is no secret that gym is an unavoidable pit stop if you want to get the bikini body in time for your next beach vacation. With the occasional grunts and the scent of perspiration, the gym cannot be the most glamorous area to be in, but it does not mean that you may sacrifice style for this comfort. After that, you will never know who you may meet in the gym. Please wearing makeup is a big thing to notice if  you  don’t want to clog your pores or see them melting on your face as you puff and huff your way on the treadmill. Nevertheless, if you really want to look cute, you should always apply to different hairstyles. And if not, we are not talking about a so boring old ponytail that every girl in the gym is probably using.
How about a messy chignon or a braided hairdo instead? It is still very simple to execute but express that you at least will bother to make an effort to look great. For five easy hairstyles that you could wear to the gym, take a look at a browse of our gallery. And it can possibly help you to take a date with that perfect guy at the weightlifting side whom you have been secretly crushing on.

1. Pony Braid:  A part cop out, a part perfect treatment for a frizzy hair day. All you need is 1 second ponytail holder and about 3 seconds, so it will not cut into your workout.


Simple Southeast Asian hair styles – hair vietnam

2. Braided Bun: A ballet style bun looks so especially chic at sporty fitness classes as indoor cycling and boot camp. Unlike a ponytail, it will keep your hair off your back.


Cute hair styles that Simple Southeast Asian girls can apply at the gym – hair in vietnam

3. Pigtail Braids: Adorable and Sporty, they keep hair out of your face and also secure it better than a ponytail, which can rely on just a single simple elastic to stay in place.


4. Side Braid Bun: You like the way pigtail braids look, but dislike the way the ends poke your neck, this “swept-back style” is very suitable for you. It can create a gentle look than ponytails and differentiate you from other ponytailed girls at the gym.


5. Braided Halo: This is perfect for not only sweaty activities like low-key Pilates or yoga, this style can keep hair off your face and impress the girls on the mat right behind you. 


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