‘Must avoid” list that helps you grow your Vietnamese hair faster

Beauty is always a dream of every girl. A beautiful girl needs to have both good appearance and great character. Supporting for this, we cannot miss the importance of hair, so how to have good and healthy hair. Let’s look at some notices below:

1. Avoid stress

Avoid stress by all mean since it can lead not only to hair thinning and loss hair but also to fatigue, sleepless nights and depression, etc. We don’t want that, right? To avoid stress, make effort to exercise regularly, meditate and direct your thoughts into positivity.

2. Avoid silicone that is based shampoos

Avoid silicone that is based shampoos as well as shampoos containing laureth sulphate, since these products will dry out your hair and cause breakage and damage. Besides, studies show that sodium laureth sulphate can be linked to skin and eye irritation, cancer organ, toxicity, cellular changes and even possible mutations.
Avoid stress to have more benefits for your vietnam natural hair

3. Avoid tight hairstyles

If you want to know how to make your hair grow faster, make sure to avoid tight hairstyles, because those can lead to breakage, hair loss,  and damage if worn often and constantly.

4. Avoid excessive sun exposure

Avoid excessive sun exposure, because it cannot only lead to sun spots and premature wrinkles, but also UV rays can remarkably damage your locks. Hence, if you know that you’ll spend a day on the beach, make sure to wear a hat.
Healthy and long raw Vietnamese hair
Besides the recovering and designing your hair style, you should pay attention to protecting your hair from the harms of surrounding environment as well as impacts of yourself to have beautiful and healthy Vietnamese raw hair.

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