What way to take care of remy hair extension?

You are fancy of temy hair extension with various styles, textures and lengths, but you do not know how to take care of it. Don’t worry, because the following text can help you deal with it. 

Daily remy hair extension care

Brushing this hair by a brush or comb with wide tooth can help to reduce tangling. Every evening before going to sleep, you should brush it from the root up to the tip. Do not forget to do it again next morning. At night, you need to wrap the remy hair extensions to avoid tangling, and remember not to sleep with wet hair, or else they will be entangled. In addition, braiding or placing the hair in a bun will help you prevent tangling during your sleep, driving or so on.

Washing the hair

Remy hair extension need to be washed and conditioned each three or five days. Besides, the products of caring hair must be clean so that the hair may not lose its natural shine and look better. It is best to choose wig shampoo or conditioner, but you can also use product with low pH.


Some types of hair product with low pH can also work well on your remy hair extension – vietnamese hair

Washing the hair under running water without submerging it. You should start from the root with shampoo, and then do the same with the tip of it. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly.

Cleaning remy hair extensions after swimming

It is necessary for women to know that the chlorine used in swimming pool and the ocean’s salt can potentially damage remy hair extension when swimming. The hair which is processed more can be damaged more and can not withstand it. Therefore, proper care is important to keep the hair looking great. You should wash hair immediately after swimming, to remove all chemicals on it. If the hair becomes dry, adding high-level moisturizer from the tip to the root of it is effective. Next, you wrap the hair by a warm and moist towel,  and let it sit for 10 – 30 minutes. Then you rinse the conditioner thoroughly from the hair, and make style as usual.

Remy hair extension cannot stay well with salt water or chlorine, so you should not wear it when swimming.


You should wash remy hair extension immediately after swimming, to remove all chemicals on it  – human hair vietnam

We hope that with all tips above, you can find out the best way to keep your remy hair look great in all situations and beautify yourself.





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