Some types of curling iron should be used for natural Vietnam hair

Choosing curls and waves can add bounce, movement, or blunt bob to your have and bring the depth and texture with the right hair products and useful drying techniques.

Like everything, fine hair has its pros and cons. It is easier for you to curl; however, it is also easier to be damaged with heat. Therefore, choosing the most suitable curling iron for your fine Vietnam hair is important to get gorgeous curls and protect hair. Here are some notes for you to know:


Fine Vietnam hair is easier for you to curl and also can be damaged with heat easily

  1. Adjust fine Vietnam hair curl with less heat. The curling iron is good when it has adjustable heat for you to select lower settings. Irons and wands often offer both low and high settings, but a dial displaying the degrees need to give most of the information and control.
  2. Barrel Size Bigger barrel. It gives you looser curls while the smaller ones are tighter, so you can choose barrel size according to hair length and curls type you wanted. Since fine hair can hold curl easily, curling irons smaller than an inch is adequate. Besides, tapered curling wand may give you more options within one tool.


Tapered curling wand may give your fine hair more options within one tool.

A curling iron’s clip can leave dents in your hair, especially in sensitive fine Vietnam hair. Therefore, with the right techniques, you can style wavy or curly hair by a curling wand.

Infomation MIC Hair:

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