Why we should choose human hair color depend on your eyes and skin color?

Our eyes have two colors: the primary color and the secondary color. The main one is what you see the most and will be on your identification. Brown, green, blue and hazel are the most common primary eye colors. The secondary eye color is that may be a ring around your eye color between your pupils. It also may be tiny specks around the center pupil. This color is what we match your hair color such as platinum, golden, copper, brown or hazel shades are most common for secondary tones.

Why we should choose human hair color depend on your eyes and skin color?

Warm skin

Warm skin tones are those that have a golden, soft honey skin color. Their natural virgin hair colors will have mild hints of tones such as orange, copper, golden, or red. Warm skin tones typically have eye colors that are hazel, brown, green or golden light brown.


Hair color for warm skin – vietnam hair wholesale

Cool skin

Cool skin tones that have a slight red hue are the most common of all skin tones. Their natural virgin hair color will have refreshing hints of tones such as dirty dishwater blonde, ash, brown, black, or silver (grey). Cool skin tones typically have eye colours that are light blue, blue-green, brown-black and so one.

Neutral skin


What is hair color for neutral skin tone?

Neutral skin tones are as comfortable as they are neutral. They typically have hair and eye colors that have a mix of warm and cool tones. Typical eye colors are mixed: eyes that can go from a warm-green to cool blue and blue-green eyes with hints of copper, depending on what clothing or hair color they have. It is the easiest skin tone to work with because the possibilities are endless.

You want your hair color to compliment both skin tone and eye color. Just checking our Website and choose a style of human hair that suitable for you.

Infomation MIC Hair company:
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