How to Select a Hair Style for Your Face Shape?

There are a lot of kinds of face shapes, and each has its own beauty. The important thing is how you can choose your style that emphasizes your face.That is the reason why I write this article to give your some suggestions to have good appearance with your human hair style.

How to Select a Hair Style for Your Face Shape?

Oval face
Normally,the length of this face is 2.5 times than the width, and the forehead is a bitwider than the jaw. Hair stylists consider it as perfect facial shape, so there are many hair styles and cuts are suitable for this shape. The most appropriate hairstyle for oval shape is withlayers, as this hairstyle could highlight the lips, cheekbones or chin on the face.
Vietnam hair – One example hairstyle for your oval face
Round face
Round face has features of round chin, and they make the face look full. Women who have round face will try to narrow the width of the hair on two sides to make their face look slimmer. The following hairstyles are not suitable for round faces, such as full fringes, center partings and one-length haircut or bluntcut on short hair.
Square face
This facial shape is featured with high angular lines on the face. It is not suggested to wear short hairstyles because it can make the angular lines stronger. Therefore, a chin-length hairstyle is suitable for this facial shape due to its texture and softness. Also, it will be fine if you choose a drawn back style, of course, the back of the head will be full of hair to highlight cheekbones.
Heart face
You will be so beautiful with your heart face and human hair style
This facial shape is with a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Eyes and cheekbones arealso dominant visible areas on the face. Women with longer hair can use wavy layers around your cheekbones to make your chin look rounder. On the other hand, women with shorter hair can use the top layers or side-swept bangs.

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