What is natural hair spa?

If you are finding a natural hair spa, the therapist will take a look at what kind of natural hair you have. After that, you are offered suitable remedies and packs. A lot of spas have a protein treatment for natural hair. The idea is rejuvenating and protecting the hair. These are some steps you can do at home: Continue reading


Virgin hair – You best choice to make you have good-looking

Different women from different regions go for distinct hair style. While some women might prefer straight body hairs, others might go for Peruvian virgin hair-locks hair. A lot of women like the wavy ones much more than the other varieties available. All those types of extensions are commonly available when it comes to Brazilian Peruvian weave. Continue reading

Why we should choose human hair color depend on your eyes and skin color?

Our eyes have two colors: the primary color and the secondary color. The main one is what you see the most and will be on your identification. Brown, green, blue and hazel are the most common primary eye colors. The secondary eye color is that may be a ring around your eye color between your pupils. It also may be tiny specks around the center pupil. This color is what we match your hair color such as platinum, golden, copper, brown or hazel shades are most common for secondary tones. Continue reading

If you have an oval face, it is easy to choose a Vietnamese hair style

Everyone would like to have a good appearance when going outside, so they try to choose clothes that most stylish and can help them have good-looking. Of course, choosing a hairstyle in Vietnam is also very important.

If you have an oval face, it is easy to choose a Vietnamese hair style

An oval face is a bit longer than it is wide, with not much jutting definition around cheekbones and slightly wider forehead than chin.

Do not fear if you think that you fit this bill, it’s apparently the perfect face shape and is also the most versatile one when it comes to pulling off a whole host of different hair looks.

A plenty of women who frequently rank high on the most beautiful lists have oval faces such as Megan Fox, Think Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba. See, you are in good company.

Although those hairstyles usually tend to opt for long tumbling styles, there are a lot of other things you should consider when trying to find the perfect human hair styles for your oval faces.

Top model Jordan Dunn is an example. This stunning star often looks totally amazing with sexy slicked-back locks on the red carpets.


One of the hairstyles of Jordan Dunn – virgin hair in vietnam Continue reading