Nature Hair Trends Will Be Huge, According To Expert Stylists

Simply pull your hair back into a low or high ponytail and walk out of the door. There are various ponytail styles for all the days of the week. Creating a hairstyle has never been so easy fun. The best thing is that you can upgrade your ponytail in various ways. Use braids to enhance the look of pony. So what about the great, wide unknown that is 2016? What nature hair trend will dominate 2016?

Nature Hair Trends Will Be Huge, According To Expert Stylists

  1. The Cool Bob:

This classic shape for nature hair endures peaks and valleys when it comes to popularity. The bob will be the biggest direction, pointing out that the cut’s flexibleness is the argument it never really goes out of style. With this classic cut, you can enjoy the versatility of your texture by wearing it tightly coiled, wavy, or bone straight. This trendy haircut allows you to refresh your look and spice up your style with a modern twist. Always remember that a bob haircut is timeless and it will never be outdated.

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Bob will be the biggest trend

2. Amazing Statement Parts:


Statement parts for nature hair

Consider a look with a perfectly centered middle part or extreme side part. These hair parts can be worn on just about any length hair and will add a youthfulness to your nature hair. Statement parts will be a big deal, too.

3. “Braid Made” Waves

That type of texture is going to be big in 2016. Who isn’t in love with the beautiful textures that we get when we’ve slept in our braids, then demount them in the morning? Of course, if you don’t have the patience to wait until tomorrow morning, you can always set the braid texture in faster with a light spritz of hair spray and a quick once over with the T3 SinglePass 2 Styling Iron.”


Braid made

4. Curls

If you are seeking for a classy and romantic look then take the following style as an example. This gorgeous medium curly hairstyle is perfect for a dinner date or daytime cocktail. Using different products, such as learning to use diffusers or using different sets to air dry. This also includes using different size rods and learning new ways to curl the hair so it looks effortless.”

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