4 important notes for you to remain beautiful Vietnam natural hair

Beautiful Vietnam natural hair has added some kinds of personality to the image of yourself and naturally beautified you. With an attractive hairdo, you will perfect your appearance and be more confident when communicating with other people.

Below are some tips for all of you to have natural hair, and maintain healthy locks:

  1. Have nutritious diet and keep a healthy lifestyle

Drinking plenty of water and supplementing protein and vitamin into your diet, meat and lentils, for example, are necessary. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that promotes hair growth, so you should add green leafy vegetables, cod liver oil and into your daily diet.

Nutritious diet is the key factor for healthy Vietnam natural hair (vietnam hair wholesale)

  1. Get rid of hair styling products and treatments.

Harsh chemicals will spoil the hair growth; therefore, it is better for you to embrace the beauty of your Vietnam natural hair and try to get away from chemicals based treatments or limit your using of them.

  1. Keep the scalp clean and oil-free

Hair wash is needed frequently, based on the skin oiliness and the exposure to dust and dirt. However, it is unnecessary to wash hair every day, since you may remove essential natural oils for hair growth out of your hair. Therefore, you should try to balance it. Normally, suitable hair washing intervals can vary from about 3 days to a week, but it depends on your demands. You can try a dry shampoo for your hair when you are lazy washing.

Hair wash is needed frequently for beautiful Vietnam natural hair

  1. Avoid combing wet hair and using hair dryer as you may break it 

It is best for you to let hair dry naturally without using hair dryer, especially during the summer.

Besides the above points, it is also important for you to know that the psychological and physical conditions can affect our appearance. Therefore, a stress-free, positive and optimistic attitude is necessary for anyone to become charming and attractive with Vietnam natural hair.

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